7/5, St. John the Divine

Although it's not yet confirmed, the third baby hawk at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine appears to have fledged from the nest. The nest appeared empty early Wednesday evening, but only two fledglings could be found in the vicinity. Last reported sighting of the last baby still in the nest was Tuesday afternoon around 4:00.

Early Wednesday evening found mama Madeleine up on the roof of the cathedral keeping an eye on things. She quickly took off.


But returned moments later and perched on one of the finials around the edge of the apse roof.


Below her on one of the turrets was a fledgling, but it quickly started moving upward to join mama. First it flew up to the very edge of the apse roof.


Then over to the projecting rooftop by mama.


And from there over to the high cross at the end of the apse.


Note the empty-looking nest to the right.

The fledge appeared content to stay on that prominent spot, and I wandered around the area looking for the other two young birds. Finally, one popped up on the nearby school roof top, making itself quite obvious.


It moved around the shady side of the school roof for a bit, before settling back down.

Posted 7/06/2017 01:18:00 AM by Robert

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