7/7, St. John the Divine

Although it was apparent that the third young hawk had fledged the nest at St. John the Divine by late Wednesday, it took until late Friday to spot all three of the new fledglings lurking about the general area.

First hawk in view, though, was mama Madeleine, who was perched up top the cathedral, keeping an eye on the kids.


First fledge to be found was perched in the turret about the statue of St. James the Great, an "hour" clockwise of the nest site turret.


That fledgling pretty much stayed put the entire time I was in the area.

Next in view was a fledgling in the turret above the statue of St. Andrew, an hour counterclockwise of the nest, and directly above the nest that the hawks used through 2014.


When they turn their back to you, they can be hard to see.


That fledging dropped down into the turret, perhaps to pick at some leftovers, and thereafter was very, very hard to see.

Finally the third fledgling was discovered perched atop a chimney at the Cathedral School.


It did move around a bit, although did not actually leave the chimney.


The evening ended with a quick walk up to Grant's Tomb, where a fledgling was spotted buzzing a young woman tending kids at Claremont Playground.

Posted 7/08/2017 11:59:00 PM by Robert

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