May 3, 2018

5/2, Grant's Tomb Babies

Neighborhood birdwatchers Jeff and Lynn reported Wednesday two weeks ago that there might have been a hatch at the Grant's Tomb red-tail hawk nest. "Mrs. Grant" seemed to be either feeding or preening a new hatchling. A few days later, birdwatcher Melody commented that the mother appeared to be feeding in two directions. Wednesday evening I confirmed that there were at least two nestling at the GT nest, and they are big enough to watch the hawkwatchers.

Just before 7:00 p.m., a feeding was in its end moves. Although not apparent at the time, a close look at photos did reveal one or two fuzzy white blobs through the nest sticks.


In just a minute or two, though, the feeding was over and it was time to take out the trash.


Quickly enough mama was back in the area, first stopping at the International House.


Where she could be scanning the area, and sometimes looking high up. Hmmm, was one of the neighbor falcons on the prowl?


And then Mrs. Grant shifted over to the top of the tomb.


Again some high-up looks.

Mrs. Grant shifted to a lower point on the tomb dome. Then about 15 minutes after leaving the nest, she returned to perch on the light tower railing.


Some more skyward looks. Then back into the nest, where she started fussing about.

Walking across the street to another vantage point, I looked back and found someone white and fuzzy was looking back.


And quite evidently it had at least one sibling for company.


Things seem to be going well at the Grant's Tomb hawk nest so far, although birdwatcher Jeff has resorted witnessing a couple of screaming matches with talon-flashing between hawks and falcons.

By the way, if first hatch did occur on April 18th as suggested, them it's likely that the Grant's Tomb was the first Manhattan red-tail nest to have a hatch this season.

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