May 31, 2018

5/30, St. John the Divine


The red-tailed hawk nesting season at the Cathedral St. John the Divine appears to have been a wash-out in 2018. Although I have usually seen one or both adult hawks in the area during the past month, spotting one in the nest has been less frequent. And when it does happen, it appears that the hawk was just making a quick visit. There's been no evidence of brooding since signs in mid-April that the (first) clutch of eggs had failed.

Wednesday I found both hawks in the area. The new male was perched on the rooftop statue of the archangel Gabriel, but a moment later the female soared overhead and circled several times above the corner of 113th St. and Morningside Drive.


Tail and wing feathers are starting to look a little ragged. She may be beginning her summer molt.


After a couple minutes, she alit on the statue of Gabriel, which the male had vacated whilst I watched her.


But moments after I spotted the male further up Morningside, diving down into the park, she too disappeared, and all was quiet.

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