5/2, St. John the Divine

The hawk nesting situation at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine remains a bit confusing, but by all appearances, the first clutch of eggs has failed and there's a possibility that the hawks aren't bothering with a second try.

In several visits to the area in the past two weeks, I have usually found one or both of the hawks perching in the area. But on only one visit did I see either visit the nest, and that was the male for just a moment. Nevertheless, one of the local dogwalkers informs me that one of the duo was busy in the nest on Tuesday morning.

Early Wednesday evening, I found both in the area. The new male was on the scaffolding at the east end of St. Luke's Hospital.


Where he stayed for the 30 minutes or so that I was in the area.


The female was in the cathedral turret to the eft of the nest turret. She might have flown in while I was watching the male, as I thought I had checked that spot earlier.


But aside from changing her perch in the turret once, she also seemed inclined to stay put, watching the vicinity and preening.

Posted 5/03/2018 01:38:00 AM by Robert

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