4/23, St. John the Divine

Brooding? Finally? 6638

Despite reports from Wednesday of the yearling red-tail visiting and lurking near the St. John's red-tailed hawk nest, on Friday it seems that the resident adult hawks are active and at long last have started brooding.

Checking in on the nest on Friday about 6:00 p.m., there was finally the sighting of a hawk's head just sticking up above the nest, low enough to suggest the bird was brooding.

Although it seems bizarre that the hawks at St. John's have only started brooding egg(s) the same week as reports came in of other Manhattan nest having hatches, please recall that the the SJ nest has experienced multiple problems since it re-located to its current, exposed location six years ago. Any news of brooding (and also hatching and fledgling) is good.

Posted 4/24/2021 02:27:00 AM by Robert

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