4/30, Montefiore Square

Lilly in Her Nest - 6720

The red-tailed hawks that nested on a fire escape at Amsterdam and West 135th St. last year apparently moved west this season, nesting at Broadway and West 136th St., across from Montefiore Square.

Reports are that the first hatch there occurred on Thursday, April 22, and a second the following day. However, the second hatchling was reported dead on Tuesday, April 27.

Lilly in Her Nest - 6737

The mother hawk, named Lilly by the neighbors, was perched on the edge of the nest late Friday afternoon, preening and looking around.

The white fuzzy stuff visible on one side of the nest was apparently a pigeon carcass, or part of one. The surviving nestling was not visible while I was watching.

Lilly in Her Nest - 6759

Lilly took off for about 15 minutes, but returned and not long after started feeding the nestling.

The nest site is potentially dangerous when it comes time for the baby hawk to fledge. The only greenery nearby are some trees in the Broadway median and across the street in the parklet. The latter is fenced off and undergoing reconstruction. But this is a busy intersection and presumbably neighborhood folk are well aware of the nest. So if (a/the) fledgling lands awry, someone will be out there to block traffic.

Photographs of the nest, the adult hawks, and the two hatchlings and taken from adjoining apartment can be viewed on the website of photographer Michael Palma Mir.

Posted 4/30/2021 07:23:00 PM by Robert

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