4/9, St. John the Divine

Yes, despite encroachment on their territory by two other hawk pairs, it looks like hawks are nesting the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 2021. However, even as hatch watch has begun at other Manhattan nest sites, it looks like the cathedral pair may not yet even have eggs in their nest.

Hawks Mating - 6536

Friday evening at 6:35 just after I reached the corner of Morningside Park at Manhattan Ave. and 111th St., I saw a hawk fly back and forth in front of the cathedral, then briefly perch on the roof above the nest. Then it flew up to the archangel statue, where the other hawk was at, and... mating ensued.

Often after such sessions, the male quickly departs, but this time he stuck around for a few minutes.

After the Event - 6543

Then he took off for a few minutes, but then he returned. Both hawks were still perched on the cathedral roof at 7:00.

Given the mating session and the extended absence from the nest, it seems the female is not yet brooding eggs. So if there is a hatch this year — and recall that the cathedral nest has failed more often than not the last few years — then it won't occur until at least mid-May, possibly a month after other Manhattan RT hawk hatches.

Posted 4/09/2021 11:41:00 PM by Robert

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