3/11, Double-Hawk Wednesday

A twofer of hawk spotting today.

First, in mid-afternoon as I was walking along Broadway, I spotted a red-tail perched on top of 301 West 106th St.

106th Street Hawk

Oddly enough, it seemed to be intent on watching over 106th St. when it could have turned 90° and had West End Ave., Straus Park and Broadway below.

Although the bird was high up and the skies very gray, pix seemed to reveal that the 106th St. hawk was a red-tailed but light-eyed adult. I suspect it was the adult whom I have been seeing in nearby Riverside Park recently.

Later in the day, no sign of Norman or Isolde near the cathedral nest. But as I was entering Morningside Park, a red-tail flew out of it and into the trees by the hospital.

Morningside Juvenile Red-Tail

Looks like the same young bird who was here two days ago, hunting just before sunset. It was doing so again today, and having equal luck.

March 11

I watched from a sidewalk bench for awhile, wondering if Norman or Isolde would show up and chase the intruder away. But they didn't.

After about 10 minutes, the juvie flew into the Morningside Park trees a block north.

Morningside Juvenile Red-Tail

Again it seemed like the hawk was anxiously looking for food, and it shifted branches several times in the next 5 minutes. But once it reached a very tall tree by the dog run, it settled down. There it remained 15 minutes later when I left at about sundown.

Posted 3/11/2009 07:48:00 PM by Robert

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On 3/14/2009 7:00 PM , Yojimbot said...

The hawk in the first pic has a full red-tail? Either way, its def. not Norman.

On 3/14/2009 7:18 PM , rbs said...

It was hard to tell because of the distance angle and lighting, but I'd say 80% likelihood that this was an adult.