3/4, 3/6, Upper Riverside Red-Tails

More activity by red-tailed hawks in Riverside Park in the 110s, but it's not clear yet whether the adult hawks from the nest to the south are keeping watch up here now that they might be moving their nest to 94th St., or if the cathedral hawks are coming west to do likewise, or if there is perhaps a "floating" adult in the area.

Wednesday around 5:00 I walked over to Riverside at 112th and a few minutes later spotted two red-tails in the air over the corner at 110th St. They soared and circled about several times, working their north toward 113th. There were several near collisions, and it looked like one was claiming territorial rights and trying to chase the other out of the area. Unfortunately, tree branches kept intruding and I wasn't able to get pix even as they passed almost overhead.

The two hawks disappeared behind buildings as they passed over 113th, but several minutes later, I found a red-tail perched in a tree overlooking the curve where 110th St. descends to meet Riverside. It was an adult.

Riverside Red-Tail

No sign of hawks in the area on Thursday, but on Friday around 5:30, a hawk in the same tree. Again an adult.

Riverside Red-Tail

There's a bit of lightness to the irises of those angry eyes, so it's not Isolde from the cathedral. And the beak is intact, so it's not the female from the south Riverside pair come north.

Whoever it is, the impression gained from Wednesday's aerial show seems to indicate that this adult hawk has claimed the area. Its perching in this tree comes across as guard duty to ensure the juvenile seen roosting near here a couple weeks back doesn't return.

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On 3/06/2009 10:33 PM , yojimbot said...

Dontcha hate when that happens! Looks like Norman.