March 27, 2009

3/24 & 3/27, Harlem Hawks and North Woods Owl

Still very little to report about hawk activity along Morningside Drive. No sightings at all on Monday. Close to an hour on Tuesday had almost no result, until just before 7:00, a hawk dove out of the hospital area and flew over Morningside Park.

Red-Tail over Morningside

And continue out over Harlem, descending all the way. I lost track of it around 118th St. and St. Nick, but the direction of flight made me think it could be headed for Marcus Garvey Park.

Friday I made my way over to Garvey Park for a look-see. Nice view of the cathedral from the top of the park.

Cathedral Apse

But no luck seeing anything else of interest. About a quarter to seven I started making my exit, and finally spotted a red-tail, perched atop a 20-story apt. building at 118th St. and Fifth Ave. Lousy light though, so I wasn't able to figure out whether it was immature or an adult. It stayed up there for at least ten minutes as I made my way sough along Fifth Ave.

Harlem Red-Tail

Before heading back to Morningside Heights, I decided to check in on the owlwatchers in Central Park's North Woods. I arrived to find that the female screech owl was already standing up, but barely had her eyes open. A minute later she seemed a bit more awake.

North Woods Screech Owl

Then began to look around more seriously.

North Woods Screech Owl

And a few minutes later was ready to exit her roost.

North Woods Screech Owl

Hmm, nice talons.

As she began her treetop peregrination, her mate showed up, and the two fluttered off to the east.

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