March 16, 2009

3/15-3/16, Upper Riverside and Morningside Red-Tails

Sunday: In the late afternoon I checked on three locations which seemed ripe for spotting a red-tail. Oddly enough, the only place where I actually spotted a hawk was the one without a nest.

After finding that the Riverside Boat Basin hawks were not yet brooding and were seemingly nowhere to be found near their new nest, I headed back north. Although a passer-by told me she had seen a hawk at 103rd St., I didn't find it until I reached 110th, and there it was about as obvious as could be.

Hendrik Hudson Red-Tail

Viewing that pic really large revealed an adult's red-tail.

The hawk stayed atop the Hendrik Hudson apartments for just a few minutes before shifting north a couple blocks to the Strathmore. There it met up with the neighborhood crows and dived down into Riverside Park and out of sight.

Finishing the day, no sign of the cathedral hawks.

Monday: A quick check over at the cathedral for hawk activity revealed a juvenile red-tail perched on a chimney at Columbus and 110th St. Within a minute it took off and began working to gain some height.

March 16

For a moment it seemed like it might commit a great intrusion by landing on Gabriel's horn, but another circle around and it headed west. And that was the last sign of a hawk for the day.

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