April 10, 2011

4/10, Highbridge Sunday

With the the cold, wet weather we've had much of the past two weeks, I've worried about the mama hawks brooding eggs in old-school tree nests. Sunday I headed up to Highbridge Park, across from Swindler Cove, to see how Martha was doing.

I took the high route to see if I could get a side or even down-angle view of the nest. I made enough noise doing so that Martha heard me coming. Frankly, it looked like she was laughing at me.

Martha in Her Nest

I moved around for the next 20-30 minutes, continually trying to find a better viewing spot. But the HB nest is a real bear to view and there are always twigs in the way.

Martha in Her Nest

Eventually I moved to a lower but closer spot.

Martha in Her Nest

It was pretty quiet the entire time I was there. As I headed out, I looked back over my shoulder to find Martha had stood up and was in position to rotate her eggs. 20 seconds later she was hunkered back down.

No sign of Martha's mate George the entire time I was watching.

P.S.: Happy birthday, Mom!

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