4/28, Feeding Behavior

Evidence continues to accumulate that red-tail nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine has baby(s) in it. When I arrived there today about 6:15, Isolde was in the middle of what was plainly feeding behavior, standing up but bent over the nest with her rear end moving around as she fussed in the nest. (No sign of a fuzzy head popping up to be fed yet.) This lasted until about 6:25 when she turned around and flew out carrying the inedible garbage. Eventually I found her perched atop one of the new apartment buildings on Douglass Ave., where she stayed for 10 minutes before returning to the nest

Isolde in Her Nest

But wait, there are two hawks up there. Apparently while I'd been looking east at Isolde, Norman had decided to visit the nest. Perhaps he was delivering another meal?

A half minute later one hawk took off and I vainly followed north to see where it went. Returning to the nest, I found another (the other?) flying out and over the roof of the hospital.

A few minutes later I found one of the two perched atop the roof of the new wing of the hospital, where it stayed until 7:00. Meanwhile, all quiet at the nest.

Posted 4/28/2011 09:35:00 PM by Robert

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