April 18, 2011

4/17, Any Day Now

Four weeks ago, both the Cathedral and Highbridge Park red-tail nests had mamas starting to brood. But apparently neither has had a hatch just yet.

After Saturday night's vicious rainstorm, I headed up to Dyckman Street to check on the state of the Highbridge/Swindler Cove nest. Martha was fussing around just as I got there, but settled down before I could get some glass on the nest.

Martha in Her Nest

Minutes went by. Some more minutes went by. Finally after 20 minutes, her mate George arrived.

Highbridge George

But he wasn't there to take a turn at nest duty. He was just hanging out on a branch 40 or 50 feet away. Preening. Ignoring the blue jay and the cardinal, etc.

Highbridge George

All quiet in the nest, and George just preening. Another 30 minutes went by. Then George took off. More time went by.

Martha in Her Nest

Finally Martha got up and fussed around some more.


Martha in Her Nest

But no feeding behavior, and no sign of a little white fuzz ball in the nest.

But any day now.

Ditto at the Cathedral nest which I have briefly checked each of the last several days. No action there, but the timing is nigh.

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