4/7, Preening in the Sun

The sun broke out this afternoon and the early evening was nice out, albeit a little cool.

On the south side of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, I found two of the peacocks out enjoying the evening. One of the blue dudes was perched in front of the old orphanage.

Cathedral Peacock

While the white guy was perched on a bench on the lawn, preening in the low-angle sun.

Cathedral White Peacock

And wondering what I wanted.

Cathedral White Peacock

Over on the other side of the cathedral, all was quiet at the red-tail nest. The only activity I've caught in the past two weeks has been the occasional sighting of a wiggling tail as Isolde rotated her eggs.

But as I walked up Morningside Drive, Norman blew over, and I found him perched on the Warren Hall water tower.

Norman on West 116th St

Apparently he had fulfilled his familial duties for the day, as he spent the next twenty minutes plus preening in the setting sun and occasionally doing a little hawk yoga.

Norman on West 116th St

Posted 4/07/2011 09:03:00 PM by Robert

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