5/1, Sunday Dinner

Sunday's first sighting of one of the cathedral hawks came early, as I discovered Norman lurking in the Douglass Houses about nine blocks south of the nest. A half hour later when I reached the cathedral, Isolde too was out of the nest -- in her case, perched on a chimney across the street at the hospital.

Shortly later, Isolde flew over to the nest for a moment then disappeared again. Soon enough there was action as a hawk flew over the cathedral headed north. As I followed it up Morningside Drive, both parents were soaring about and then headed back to the cathedral. Photos showed one of them was carrying food, apparently Isolde, as I found Norman perched up on Gabriel's horn.

Norman and Gabriel

While Isolde had returned to the nest.

Isolde Checks the Babies

A half minute later Norman joined her there and they had a little conclave.

Family DIscussion

And then Norman took off.

Norman Exits the Nest

Norman Exits the Nest

And Isolde then started feeding the babies. (It did sort of look like she was working in more than one direction.)

Isolde Finished Feeding the Babies

Sunday dinner took a little more than 10 minutes. Isolde immediately took out the trash.

Isolde Takes Out the Trash

Apparently dumping it somewhere in the north end of Morningside Park. She returned five minutes later and settled in with the children.

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