May 24, 2011

5/24, Head Feathers

A day goes by and the youngest red-tail starts to show signs of head feathers growing through his baby fuzz. Now the two siblings at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine are hard to tell apart again.

Early this evening they were both sitting around, watching out opposite sides of the nest. Occasionally one would sit up high and preen (or is that scratch at the growing feathers?). A couple times both could be seen side-by-side.

Siblings amd St. Andrew

Siblings and St. Andrew

Siblings and St. Andrew

There were a few moments of wing stretching, but no flapping yet.

While I was watching the nest, mama Isolde (apparently) landed on Gabriel's horn up on the roof.

Isolde and Gabriel

Another 30-40 minutes went by. Not much happened except that the babies laid down where they could just peek out over the edge of the nest.

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