5/6, A Very Long Dinner

Friday evening at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Isolde spent just over 25 minutes feeding her baby red-tails. It was evident that she was feeding at least two nestlings, as she was delivering tidbits to more than one spot in the nest. The babies are still a week or so away from being easily visible to the naked eye, but in the last day or two, a viewer with good binoculars/camera and a steady hand could catch a glimpse of the top of a fuzzy head popping up during feedings.

Isolde was sitting quietly in the nest when I first arrived around 6:15 this evening, but she soon moved up to perch on Gabriel's horn, perhaps to look around to see where Norman was, and where dinner might be.

Isolde on Gabriel's Horn

Norman arrived at about 6:40, and the two parents spent a minute huddled over the nest. After Norman took off, Isolde took another minute or two to "dress" the meal and then started feeding it to the nestlings.

Isolde Feeds the Babies

Isolde Feeds the Babies

Isolde Feeds the Babies

Dinner just kept going and going and going. It wasn't until just past 7:10 that Isolde stood up, looked around for a moment and then took off to dump the garbage in some far-away spot.

Isolde Takes out the Trash

Posted 5/06/2011 10:31:00 PM by Robert

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On 5/10/2011 12:55 PM , Out Walking the Dog said...

Fabulous photos. Thanks! I've been out of town quite a lot this spring, and have not spotted the St John hawks for a little while. Glad to see them looking so fine.