5/27, Bleeping Bluejays

It wasn't a quiet evening around the red-tail nest at the Cathedral of St. John on Friday, although the nest itself was relatively still. The bluejays who'd been harassing Isolde a couple days ago were back and gave her the what-for for at least 45 minutes.

She was perched on a finial about 30 feet straight above the nest.

Isolde on a Finial

A couple of the babies in the nest were sitting where they could just be seen. Often they were plainly trying to figure what all the racket was overhead.

Curious Red-Tail Baby

Although they did check out us groundlings now and again.

Red-Tail Baby

Isolde's still hanging tough.

Isolde on a Finial

About 40 minutes into this scene, Isolde took off. Apparently that was her that perched atop a hospital chimney a minute later. But the bluejays were over there, too, making so bleeping much noise that even normally oblivious pedestrians were looking up to see what was happening.

She gave up on that spot after a few minutes and switched back to the cathedral, perching on Gabriel's horn. One of the babies was trying to watch the whole scene.

Curious Red-Tail Baby

Things quieted down a few minutes later and the adult red-tail disappeared for parts unknown. The babies settled back down in the nest, but there were still a few glimpses to be had of two of them.

Red-Tail Babies

But no views of all three.

Posted 5/27/2011 10:45:00 PM by Robert

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