5/10, Chillin' with Gabriel

Tuesday evening I apparently just missed a feeding at the cathedral red-tail nest. As I was walking along West 113th St. toward the nest, Isolde came soaring over the roof of the hospital.

Isolde over 113th St.

She flew up to the roof of the cathedral, hovered for a few seconds in the slight breeze right above Gabriel, and then landed on his horn. My guess was that she was returning from dumping the trash after the usual 6:00-6:15 feeding.

Isolde stayed perched up there, and stayed, and stayed.

Isolde and Gabriel

Thirty or 40 minutes went by and she was still there. But by then Bruce had come by with his better camera gear and was shooting some video of the nest. Right about 7:00 the babies must have woken up from their postprandial snooze and started wiggling around. Over the next five to ten minutes there were some flashes of white, and a few times an entire baby hawk head, visible above the lip of the nest. I didn't manage to get any pix, but check Bruce's blog for the footage.

I finally called it an evening around 7:20, and Isolde was still chillin' out up on Gabriel's horn.

Posted 5/10/2011 08:13:00 PM by Robert

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