6/5, Riverside and West 116th St.

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Just before Sunday's dinner-time rainstorm, I visited the red-tailed hawk nest area at Riverside Park near 116th St. It's been more than 50 days since first hatch was detected there, but except for some aggressive branching first seen on Friday, the baby red-tailed hawks there have yet to fledge.

Sunday eve first found one baby hawk just visible napping in the nest, but as the wind picked up a bit, it got up and started flapping like crazy. But where was its sib? In the nest, too. It got a minute or two later and the flapping party went into overdrive as rain started to sprinkle.

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One of the duo branched up to a very small limb about five feet above the nest and for a time looked like it was going to fledge whether it wanted to or not as the wind gusted. But it managed to hop back down into the nest as the deluge began and observers cleared out.

Posted 6/05/2016 10:06:00 PM by Robert

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