6/3, St. John the Divine

Friday evening, the two remaining hawk fledglings at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine were both on the north side of the crossing roof. One was at the top of the arch.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling - 9704

While the other was pecking at a meal, or the remains thereof, about 30 feet away on the side of the dome.

Cathedral Hawk Fledgling - 9714

Meanwhile, mama Madeleine seemed to be searching the grounds on the south side of the cathedral, perching atop the cathedral.

Madeleine Searches - 9687

And atop the Avalon condo.

Madeleine Searches - 9692

Observers then and also on Saturday got the impression that she was trying to find the missing (and injured) fledgling.

Posted 6/05/2016 09:43:00 PM by Robert

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