6/5, J. Hood Wright Park

Home Alone - 9770

Sunday afternoon in between rainstorms I checked on the hawk nest overlooking J. Hood Wright Park in Washington Heights, where earlier in the week we learned that there were a very out-of-the-ordinary four baby hawks. A couple reports late in the week indicated that one or two had fledged and at least one had wandered as far afield as the rooftops overlooking Broadway. Instead it look like three have fledged, as I found just a single nestling still at home, alone.

Home Alone - 9771

Despite searching the area for some time, I couldn't find the three fledglings. Presumably they were on apartment rooftops, difficult or impossible to see from the street unless they happen to perch on an antenna.

One parent was in the area, first perched at the corner of Broadway and West 175th St., trying to dry off from what looks to have been a drenching.

Drying Off- 9757
Drying Off- 9766

Fifteen minutes later the parent had crossed to the other side of the new 175th St. pedestrian plaza, perching along Wadsworth Ave. From there it headed east to the Church of the Incarnation.

Incarnating - 9789

And then out of sight.

A bonus hawk sighting came later farther north at the corner of Ft. Wsshington Ave. and West 190th St. Presumably this was a parent from the nest across the valley at Fairview Ave. near 190th St. That nest is now empty and the one or more — we never got a final count — nestlings presumably fledged.

190th St  Hawk - 9812
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