6/24, St. John the Divine

Who's the Hawk? 0242

After two weeks of frustration, unable to find one of the hawk fledglings from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in a half dozen visits, I checked again on Friday evening. A hawk was perched on Gabriel's horn, but I'd found mama Madeleine up there a couple times last week.

Hard to tell from this angle, though, what color the tail is. Let's hope it stays there while we get round to the other side and get a look at its front.

Gabriel and Fledgling - 0263

Tawny breast, dark belly band, and a squinty near-sighted look. It's one of the two fledglings we've been looking for. Finally.

The fledge stayed in place while we wondered around the area looking for the other sibling. No luck on that front.

It had seemed to be watching the southeast, and eventually it took off flying that way. High up, almost high enough to make one think it could be heading for Central Park. But it stopped halfway there, perching atop the Cathedral Gardens dorm.

Hawk Fledgling - 0290

Seven or eight minutes there and it thought better of the decision. Back into the air.

Fledge in Flight - 0297

Bank left.

Fledge in Flight - 0298

And out of sight behind a building as it headed back in the general direction of the cathedral.

In other positive news for the day, hawkwatcher Melody A. reported that she had encountered the surviving Riverside and 116th red-tail fledgling this morning. So we know two of Morningside Heights' young hawks seem to be doing okay.

Posted 6/24/2016 09:56:00 PM by Robert

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