5/18, Quiet Friday

I'm skipping a report of last Monday, and I wasn't able to spend any time at the Cathedral the next three days.


At 5:06 p.m., all was quiet about the Cathedral red-tailed hawk nest. A couple minutes later Mama Isolde was found perched one of the antennae at 301 West 110th St., watching the nest from afar. No sign of Papa Tristan anywhere.

Just before 6:00, the nestlings apparently woke up from a nap. One of them was more visible than the other, climbing higher in the nest and also just getting in front of the second. But both were visible for a minute or two.

Red-Tail Nestlings

Red-Tail Nestlings

They wiggled about for 10-12 minutes, sometimes disappearing from view and doing no flapping. Around 6:10 they settled back down.

Exit at 6:23. Nestlings quiet, Isolde still perched at #301, and no Tristan.

Posted 5/18/2007 10:00:00 PM by Robert

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