5/19-5/21, Wet Days and Fair

A three-day report...


6:05 p.m. - Isolde is sitting up in the nest and looking around when I first arrive at the Cathedral hawk nest area.

6:10 - After checking the nest from a couple other angles to see if one of the kids might be visible, I head out. The rain is getting steadier.


Today's rain is over and blue sky is threatening to break out.

6:25 p.m. - Isolde is sitting in pretty much the same place and posture as she was yesterday. The only difference is that it looks like someone has added an extra twig or two on the north side of the nest.

Isolde in Her Nest

6:36 - One of the kids is moving about, getting in front of Isolde so that I can see dark feathers growing on a wing. But no little head popping up.

Isolde in Her Nest

6:38 - The nestling has settled down.

6:42 - Isolde has turned around. Doesn't look like a feeding as she's too deep in the nest. Perhaps it's some housecleaning.

6:43 - Now she's looking out again, sitting high like she's watching something.

Isolde in Her Nest

6:44 - Is she gnawing on one of the new sticks?

6:45 - She's turned around agin, but standing on the edge of the nest. Looks like a feeding about to start.

6:46 - Excellent idea. Time for me to go to family dinner, too.


Weather's a heck of a lot nicer today.

5:31 p.m. - From across the street from St. Luke's emergency entrance, Tristan can be seen a block away perched on the family's favorite decorative urn on the hospital roof.

5:32 - Nest looks quiet.

5:42 - Tristan still on the urn, preening and observing.

Tristan atop St. Luke's

Whoa, hawk in the nest. No, Tristan didn't fly across the street while I looked the other way. Looks like Isolde has quietly flown in.

5:44 - Looks like a feeding has started.

5:46 - One nestling is very visible in the rear righter corner of the nest.

Isolde Feeds the Kids

5:47 - Junior on the right is hungry, and aggressively feeding. Looks like he's now capable of pulling his own bites off dinner if mama will hold it down while he tugs.

Isolde Feeds the Kids

5:49 - Junior on the left can just barely be seen between Isolde's legs. She's still feeding him beak-to-beak.

Isolde Feeds the Kids

And junior at right is gobbling down larger morsels.

Isolde Feeds the Kids

6:00 - Last sign of feeding activity.

6:02 - Isolde's just standing on the edge of the nest looking around. Is she going to fly off on a constitutional soon?

6:06 - Isolde still at the nest. Tristan still across the street at St. Luke's.

Tristan atop St. Luke's

Bruce Yolton arrives to take pix too.

6:20 - Been pretty quiet for the last 15 minutes. Isolde's just perched on the edge of the nest, watching the kids sleep (presumably).

6:22 - Tristan disappears from the hospital roof.

6:24 - Tristan re-appears, perched on Gabriel's horn.

Tristan and Gabriel

6:33 - Isolde still perched on the edge of the nest watching the world go by (esp. the fire truck which has gone by three times since I got here). Occasionally she's bent over as if she was taking a bite of her own from whatever was served for dinner.

6:46 - Isolde bent over the nest. Looks like another feeding has started.

6:55 - Still feeding. Junior at left seems to have been getting a little more attention this time.

Isolde Feeds the Kids

And in a flash Isolde turns around and jumps off the nest. Almost like she just dropped into the treetops over Morningside Drive, but presumably she sliced right and toward 110th St.

Isolde Leaves the Nest

7:05 - After walking down Morningside Drive a block and coming back, no sign of Isolde perched on any of the usual places (finials, rooftop railings, antennas, chimneys, etc.)

7:10 - Tristan still on Gabriel's horn. Apparently he's pulled guard duty for the time being.

Tristan and Gabriel

7:11 - Time for me to exit. Perhaps Bruce will catch some activity later.

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