5/28, Three Fuzzy Heads

One last bit of hawkwatching on Memorial Day Monday, a visit to the Cathedral after checking the Highbridge hawk nest. Finally get the elusive the three-nestling-heads photo.

Monday, cont'd

7:14 p.m. - One red-tail nestling visible in the Cathedral nest as I walk down 113th St. Looks like another might be active on the other side of the nest. No adult in view.

7:16 - Two nestlings visible flanking St. Andrew.

St. Andrew and the Nestlings

the one on the left is curious about me.

Curious Red-Tail Nestling

7:17 - Ah, Isolde is watching over the kids from a distance. She's perched on an antenna at 301 West 110th.

7:18 - The south-side nestling is trying to figure out how the wings work.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestling

not quite flapping yet.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestling

7:19 - But she's getting "the stare" down.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestling

One more wing stretch.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestling

7:20 - Just as I turn my attention away from the nest for a moment, Isolde flies into it, using the south entrance.

7:22 - Can't see much from this side. Walk back up to the corner.

7:24 - Just one nestling's back in view, and occasionally Isolde peeking ovber the top of St. Andrew.

7:27 - As I'm moving to another vantage point, Isolde quietly exits the nest. Just one nestling in view, and her back at that.

7:28 - The other two nesltings are perking up. One's head is bobbing about on the left side, and I can see feathers of the third on the right.

7:29 - And finally all three nestling heads come into view.

Three Cathedral Red-Tail Nestlings

Not the cleanest shot in the world, but most undoubtedly three little hawk heads.

7:30 - Even as right-side nestling is poking her head a little further, left-sider is ducking down.

7:32 - So if Isolde left the nest where did she go? Well, there's a hawk perched almost directly above me on the ornamental urn on the corner of the roof at St. Luke's. But no, that's papa Tristan.

Tristan atop the Hospital

And Isolde is perched 20 feet above him on the chimney.

Isolde atop the Hospital

7:40 - Kids have settled down in the nest. Not too deep as feathers are visible over the edge of the nest.

7:42 - And sometimes they look up and around a bit.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestlings

7:48 - Just a little wing flapping as someone crawls over the top of someone else.

Sunset on the Cathedral Window 7:56 - Except for that bit of flapping, pretty quiet for the last 15-20 minutes. Time to exit.

8:01 - But just one last stop to appreciate the sunset view over on Amsterdam.

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