5/12-5/12, Quiet Saturday and Short Sunday

(Yes, I'm way behind.)

Saturday, May 12

Visiting the Cathedral of St. John in early evening. Other hawkwatchers have been and gone.

5:55 p.m. - Isolde is at the nest, apparently in the middle of feeding the nestlings. Unlike Thursday, no fuzzy white heads are visible through the twigs, as their a fresh sprig of greenery along the top of the nest which hides them.

Isolde in Her Nest

6:07 - Isolde finishes the feeding and promptly exits the nest, flying across the street to perch on her chimney at St. Luke's.

6:15 - Step into the park and check the rest of the hospital roofline. No sign of Tristan up there too.

6:22 - Down by the Morningside Park pond, looking up at the nest. Looks like nothing's happening.

St. Andrew and the Hawk Nest

6:58 - Been hanging about the nest corner for almost 30 minutes now. Yawn. Oh, hey. The greenery in the nest is rustling around. The kids are getting restless.

7:00 - Darn. Quieted down again.

7:02 - Isolde has just disappeared. No idea where she went. It's been an hour; time to leave.

7:03 - One last look at the nest; Tristan has arrived...

Tristan Visits the Nest

... and is checking out the joint.

Who Watches the Hawkwatcher?

7:11 - Tristan's been at the nest for a while, but only now seems to be paying much attention to nestlings. Maybe a feeding.

7:13 - Apparently not. Tristan is back to looking around the neighborhood.

7:33 - Twenty minutes later and Tristan is still just hanging about on the edge of the nest watching the world go by. No sign of Isolde, although one has to imagine she's somewhere near-by.

7:34 - Exit.

Sunday, May 13

5:55 p.m. - Arrive at the 113th St. side of the nest. No obvious sign of activity, but there's a shadow that suggests an adult is sitting on the other side.

5:57 - Over near the 112th St. overlook as I'm getting my camera out, a hawk soars out of the nest and heads southeast. Last seen near the corner of 110th and Manhattan Ave. trying to gain some altitude.

5:59 - Ah-ha. Isolde is now perched on an antenna atop the tower at 301 West 110th St.

6:05 - All quiet at the nest.

6:07 - Bruce Yolton arrives and points that Tristan is perched on the crenelation above the statue one clockwise of St. Andrew, perhaps 25 feet from the nest.

6:18 - Tristan looks pretty relaxed. One foot up, etc.

6:28 - Isolde is missing from the apartment tower, although she was there a minute or two ago.

6:30 - Isolde is found perched on her chimney.

Isolde atop St. Luke's

6:41 - All the hawks still in their respective positions and I have to leave.

hawk, Statue and Nest

Much, much later, Donna Browne finally gets a glimpse of nestlings, including one flapping its wings as it crawls about the nest.

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