1/15, West 110th St. Red-Tail

Yesterday, I caught a quick look at a red-tail on the Hendrik Hudson apts. on West 110th St., but it was being chased off by three crows and the episode went by too quick to be sure. Today, however, no doubts at all.

Walking up Broadway at about 2:20, the hawk was clearly visible from two blocks away, highlighted by sunlight on the corner of the HH annex at Broadway and 110th.

Broadway Red-Tailed Hawk

Unlike Monday last week, he seemed to be just hanging out, watching the day go by. Despite the cold, it was pretty nice out.

Broadway Red-Tailed Hawk

But five minutes later he started acting just a little antsy.

Broadway Red-Tailed Hawk

Then, as hawks are wont to do, he was off in a flash.

Broadway Red-Tailed Hawk

Arcing right around the corner and flying west along 110th St.

Broadway Red-Tailed Hawk

And then arcing right and disappearing over the top of the original Hendrik Hudson building. I suspect he landed there somewhere, as a half minute later when some pigeons flew that way, they all quickly did a U-turn and flew somewhere else.

Again, one wonders, who was this hawk? This time, we have an extra clue. First, pictures 4 and 5 above reveal an adult's red tail. The new clue is that picture 3 reveals a relatively light-colored iris in its eyes.

Those two factors suggest that if this is one of the cathedral hawks, it would have to be Norman. However, as noted last week, the adult red-tail who was hanging about the Columbia University quad in November had light irises, lighter than I think Norman may have at this point. I'm inclined to say that this is the CU hawk, and that it's not Norman.

Posted 1/15/2009 03:19:00 PM by Robert

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