1/17, Cathedral Cooper's Hawk

Stepped out of my apartment building just before 4:00 today and had barely made it to the corner of Broadway when a red-tailed hawk flew over, headed northish, perhaps in the general direction of Bloomingdale Square, what folks now call Straus Park. But despite a half hour of checking the area's rooftops, etc., that it was it for red-tail sightings.

Instead, as I was headed to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to take some pictures of the refurbished interior, I found a Cooper's hawk perched in the close on the south side of the cathedral.

Cathedral Coopie

This was about 10 minutes before sunset on a dreary afternoon. And as the hawk had a bulging crop, you could see it had it's roost picked out for the night.

Posted 1/17/2009 07:09:00 PM by Robert

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