1/5, Hunting on 110th Street

On a dreary, overcast Monday, a red-tail hawk was hunting pigeons on West 110th St. between Broadway and Riverside Drive. Walking up Broadway at 2:30, I first spotted the hawk perched right at 110 and Broadway, 120+ feet above the street on the SE corner of the Hendrik Hudson adjunct. As I was getting my camera out, it took off. It didn't go far, just shifting to a fire escape halfway across the building.

110th St Hawk

Within another minute it shifted again, over to the SW corner of the HH adjunct. The numerous pigeons in the area all flushed.

110th St Hawk and Potential Prey

And there the hawk stayed. Watching the street...

110th St Hawk

And eying the 50-60 pigeons perched on the roof of the main Hendrik Hudson building.

Of note, this was an adult red-tail, and not the juvie who was hunting around the corner on Broadway on Christmas Day. Was it one of the cathedral pair hunting a couple blocks west of their usual territory? Was it the 18-month-old red-tail who was hanging around Columbia University a month ago? Was it someone else?

Posted 1/05/2009 06:24:00 PM by Robert

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