1/9, Brown-Tail in Morningside Park

With a few minutes to spend just before sunset, I wandered over to Morningside Park and then up toward the north end. I was still thinking of the reports about a red-tailed hawk possibly going to roost up there.

No sign of one of the cathedral nesting pair, but after I'd made a quick look-see and was headed back south, I chanced to spy a red-tail in the park just below 119th St.

Morningside Juvenile Red-tail

And that looks like a juvenile's brown tail. Come to think of it, the hawk does look a little small, for all that it's fluffed up because of the 32°F temperatures.

Looks like his crop is full.

January 9

So all the looking around he's doing is just the red-tail thing. He's very casual about it, and not peering for prey on the ground. Looks my way every now and again, but generally looks eastward and southward. Maybe he saw Norman or Isolde earlier and is just making sure one of them isn't headed his way.

Morningside Juvenile Red-tail

I watched for ten minutes before the chilly air got to be too much. I left a minute after sunset, and the juvie looked like he was set with a roosting spot for the night.

Posted 1/09/2009 05:36:00 PM by Robert

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