2/15, Again with the Riverside Juvie and Adult Red-Tails

A similar hawkwatching scenario to that of yesterday. I first spotted a red-tailed hawk flying along Riverside Drive at about 105th St., but this time it perched atop a water tower at the corner of 106th St. It stayed put for about 6-7 minutes, watching over the park below, then took off.

Red-Tail over Riverside Drive

Then turned southeast and was gone from sight. But that departure pic did reveal that it was definitely an adult red-tail.

Turning around and looking north, I thought I caught a glimpse of something skulking through the treetops. A few minutes later I found the juvenile perched in a tree inside the park at around 111th St.

Riverside Park Juvenile Red-Tail

Barely had I taken a few quick pix before it switched to a tree a block south along the park wall, and then quickly to another to the west. A couple minutes of lurking and then it parachuted into thick branches a little bit closer to me. It looked around for a few moments.

Riverside Park Juvenile Red-Tail

Then made a rapid series of treetop hops, north then south then north again and finally down toward the highway and the river. After about 10 minutes I completely lost track of it. And apparently it chose a different roosting site tonight.

Posted 2/15/2009 06:09:00 PM by Robert

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On 2/15/2009 11:36 PM , Yojimbot said...

Yes, me and Courtney had 3 rth's at 120th. We eventually tracked down the juvy, with one primary on right wing missing. Lost it going south over 110th. Will post pix later.