2/23, Cathedral Red-Tails

James has documented the increasingly romantic behavior of the red-tailed hawks from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine over the past two weeks. Today, I found them hanging out together for a bit, but not too close nor for very long. Perhaps it was too cold.

Isolde was perched on a hospital air conditioner overlooking Morningside Drive when I came by at about 5:05.


I wondered if there might be some warm air leaking out around the AC.

Norman flew in from the north about 8-10 minutes later and perched 75 feet away atop the balcony screen.


They stayed put in their respective places for 7-8 minutes. Then Norman took off and flew around to the south side of the cathedral. Isolde took off a minute later; I could have sworn I saw her chasing something sizable around the corner of the hospital roof, perhaps the Cooper's hawk who's been hanging around the area. Norman came flying back over 113th St. Then all quiet.

One of the hawks had quietly returned and perched on another one of the AC units. It was still there whenleft a few minutes later.

Posted 2/23/2009 06:00:00 PM by Robert

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