2/25, Riverside Juvie Red-Tail and Cathedral Coopie

Tuesday I found Norman and Isolde perched on the east side of the hospital again, but pictures didn't come out too well because of the shadows and because I hadn't yet figured out the focus point controls on a new camera. On Wednesday...

In Riverside Park, I found the juvenile red-tailed hawk in the middle of what seems to be his own little territory in the low 110s. He was perched near 113th St., high up a tree in the mid-level of the park.

Riverside Juvenile Red-Tail

With a half hour to go before sunset and a stuffed crop, it looked like the red-tail wasn't going to do anything more exciting than watch me and also the dogwalkers below.

Ed. note: Looking at the above picture a week later and a bit harder, I am rethinking my identification. That tail doesn't seem to show any of a juvenile's transverse barring. Instead, this appears to be the adult red-tail that has also been in the area.

I headed over toward the cathedral. No sign of Norman or Isolde at the cathedral or on the hospital, or anywhere near by. So time for a quick check of the south close before the day's light was gone. And there was the Cooper's hawk.

Cathedral Cooper's Hawk

He also had a full crop, so his eying of the peacock wondering around was only out of mild curiosity at the activity on the ground below.

Posted 2/25/2009 06:40:00 PM by Robert

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