2/6, Cathedral Cooper's Hawk

February 6

The Cooper's hawk that I first observed roosting by the Cathedral of St. John on Jan. 17 has apparently been making a habit of it. Today was the third time I encountered the bird since then. There have been a few other times that I was in that area before sunset and didn't see it, but those may have been poor timing. Friday last week I also wondered if I caught sight of it a block west on Broadway, as something with hawk-like wings but a skinny tail flew over when I was running an errand that afternoon.

The Coopie's roosting spot has been pretty consistent. Always the same tree, although not necessarily the same spot on the same branch. But of course, it's always in a tangle of branches where it has some protection from attackers, and from photographers.

Posted 2/06/2009 05:53:00 PM by Robert

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