2/8, Riverside Park Male Red-Tail

After I'd been in the Boat Basin area for close to an hour, I belated discovered one of the Riverside Park red-tails perched in a tree close to the corner of Riverside Drive and 81st St.

Riverside Park Male Red-Tailed Hawk

The hawk looked small, so I figured this was the male of the pair. And you'll note the beak comes complete with a tip, so indeed this is him.

Although the hawk was getting a little sunset light on his back, the spot was somewhat shady. perhaps he was just enjoying some time in a relatively non-windy spot on a gusty day. He did do some looking around, but did not seem to be seriously looking for a snack.

About 15 minutes after I first found him, the hawk sat up, took off, did a U-turn and flew toward where last year's nest was located. He stopped short, perching in a tree across the path from the bench where hawkwatchers used to congregate.

Riverside Park Male Red-Tailed Hawk

He stayed here for another 8 or 9 minutes, and preened as much as one can in a breeze. About official sunset time he took off again, gliding downward somewhere near the 79th St. underpass, presumably to roost for the night.

No sign of the Riverside female the entire time I was around.

Posted 2/08/2009 08:55:00 PM by Robert

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