5/17, Together

Isolde, Norman and Gabriel

Although I've seen recent pictures of such an event, Monday may have marked the first time I've ever seen Isolde and Norman sitting together on Gabriel's horn. Previously when I've seen them together it's usually been on Norman's favorite chimney cover across the street at the hospital.

Just the Three of Us

They must have done a good job on their parental duties earlier in the day, as they perched there together for at least a half hour as I watched.

(Note: Isolde, the bigger hawk, is at the end of the horn, while Norman, the smaller, is closer to Gabriel. Norman also has a somewhat heavier belly band).

The kids in the nest in nest were mostly quiet, but occasionally there was some wiggling about, a baby sitting up and looking around, etc. Oooh, check the new tail feathers.

New Tail Feathers

And even one glimpse of two scruffy heads together.

Scruffy Sibilings

Eventually we realized Norman had vacated Gabriel's horn. Isolde soon followed, but hung around the hospital roof. She either made a quick kill or else received a hand-off from Norman, as she returned to the nest 20 minutes later with a snack for the nestlings.

The meal was over quickly and Isolde stayed with the kids for a few more minutes.

After Dinner

Before flying across the street to perch on the hospital roof. Sunset approached and the nestlings seem to have gone to sleep.

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