5/3, Fuzzy Heads and Wings

Red-Tail Baby

Hawkwatchers reported on Saturday that three babies had been spotted in the red-tail nest at the cathedral. Late Monday, only one was visible, or one at a time.

A few minutes before 7:00, one of the nestlings popped up and started moving about. It was standing high enough and semi-flapping its wings for balance just vigorously enough that one suspects that first hatch in the nest probably occurred a day or two earlier than earlier evidence suggested. Instead of the "for sure" 15 days, it might even be the "maybe" 19-20 days previously hinted at.

It was also curious as to its surroundings.

Curious Red-Tail Baby

About 7:05, one of the missing adults finally put in an appearance, as Isolde flew in from the north and perched on a finial perhaps 25-30 feet away from the nest.

Isolde on a Finial

There was a bit more activity in the nest for maybe another 10 minutes.

Red-Tail Baby

But Isolde stayed on the finial. Looking around, preening, and giving some near-by jays dirty looks.

Isolde on a Finial

No sign of Norman and no feeding during the next 20 minutes. Perhaps he showed up during the last few minutes before sunset.

Posted 5/03/2010 09:31:00 PM by Robert

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