5/9, Mother's Day

Mother's Day: Martha in Her Nest

After hearing of Saturday's disaster at the Riverside nest, I was happy on Sunday, Mother's Day, to find that the red-tail nest in Highbridge Park was still in place near the top of a tree. (Even later, I was even more relieved when I found that some trees not far down Dyckman St. had toppled in Saturday's winds.) I apparently arrived after a feeding, as Martha was perched on the edge of the nest, watching her baby or babies within.

Mother's Day: Martha in Her Nest

It was nap time, but a few times I was able to see a wiggle in the heap of down in the nest.

Some 45 minutes later, as I viewed the nest from ground level across the Harlem River Drive, there was a feeding, with both Martha and her mate George doing their parental duties. At the start, a nestling was very active, standing up and giving a few wing flaps. But once again, I was unable to determine how many baby hawks were in the nest. Certainly the one, and I'd guess there was a second. I don't think there were three.

After leaving Highbridge, I made a quick stop at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Once again, it was a case of mother sitting quietly, watching over sleeping babes.

Mother's Day: Isolde in Her Nest

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