5/20, Head Feathers

Five Weeks Old

What would seem to be the eldest baby red-tail in the cathedral nest has a nice set of head feathers coming in. It's about five weeks old and should be ready to leave the nest in a week or so.

The nestling was apparently the only baby anxious to be seen Thursday evening, but it stayed up on or near the edge of the nest for some time, allowing for good views.

The parents were found perched together atop the Towers on the Park, about 400 yards from the nest.

Mom and Dad

This is one of mama Isolde's favorite spots from the past, and it's very typical to find her perched on this tower during the latter half of the baby hawks' time in the nest. The older they get, the longer she'll stayed perched over there. Norman took off 10 minutes after the duo were spotted, but Isolde remained there over an hour later.

The one visible baby was showing plenty of curiosity about the world, looking this way and that

Five Weeks Old

And twisting its neck for better views.

Five Weeks Old

The one nestling settled down around 7:30 and the nest was quiet as sunset approached.

Posted 5/20/2010 10:01:00 PM by Robert

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