5/24, Last Week in the Nest?

The cathedral red-tail nestling was briefly visible when I walked over Monday evening, but it then disappeared for a nap. Looking about in the usual spots, I soon found mama Isolde perched across the street on the hospital roof. She deigned to glance my direction.


The rest of the time, she was mostly keeping an eye to the north, and watching out for a pesky mockingbird.

Twenty minutes later, the baby popped into view. Perhaps it wanted some motherly attention, as it kept looking over to the hospital


Although it did also check other angles, too.


There was also some standing on the edge of the nest, and just a bit of wing flapping.


Based on the approximate date of hatch, the nestling should be ready to fledge this coming weekend.

The baby was active for more than a half hour. Mama never came to the nest, although she did perch on a nearby gargoyle for a minute before taking off for parts unknown.


Posted 5/24/2010 11:41:00 PM by Robert

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