April 23, 2015

4/23, Morningside Park

Manhattan is entering the hawk egg-hatching period. No hatches have been reported although I suspect one site has probably had one. Others should follow by the start of next week. But at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the red-tailed hawks have been especially coy in their high eyrie, even when I have been able to get away from work to see what they might be up to. When a hatch will happen there is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, down in Morningside Park, great egret visits apparently continue on a daily basis. And this week the double-crested cormorant visits have begun. Early Thursday evening, one of each was present. The egret was lurking in the shadows under the big willow, but the cormorant was drying himself off on the turtle rock.

Drying Off - 8948

Drying Off - 8956

All dry now.

Morningside Cororant - 8966

Morningside Cororant - 8967

Close up.

Cormorant Close-Up - 8973

And reverse side.

Morningside Cororant - 8977

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