April 24, 2015

4/24, St. John the Divine

There was hawk activity to watch on Morningside Drive early Friday evening, but what it all meant was very confusing.

Making my third pass of the day by the nest at 6:30, I found Madeleine sitting up and watching the skies.

Cathedral Hawk - 9053

Seemingly mostly to the north.

Cathedral Hawk - 9054

I wondered if dinner delivery was very late and Madeleine was debating whether to go get her own meal.

Cathedral Hawk - 9070

Then after about ten minutes Madeleine left the nest.

Cathedral Hawk - 9073

I found her just up the street, perched on the hospital roof near Norman. I think that's her on the left, but I'm not sure.

Morningside Hawks - 9076

Moments later the hawk on the corner took off to the northwest, over the center of Morningside Park. Maybe that was Norman leaving after a visit. But then the other hawk took off in the same direction.

Minutes ticked by and it seemed the nest was being left unattended for quite a stretch. Finally after another 12 or 13 minutes, I found one of the hawks on the roof of 44 MSD eating a meal.

Morningside Hawk - 9097

A short meal.

Morningside Hawk - 9098

A beak scrape on the cornice, and then off. Say what? Again the hawk took off to the northeast, not back to the nest.

Certainly one of the hawks could have slipped back into the nest unseen as I paced up and down MSD, but as 7:00 slipped by, I wondered just how long the eggs were going untended.

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