4/8, St. John the Divine

Early Wednesday evening offered looks at both red-tailed hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in the air over Morningside Drive, but the gloomy skies made decent photos difficult.

Why both were in the air wasn't entirely clear. Possibly it was a switch-off that didn't follow the usual scheme; perhaps it was a case of the bird in the nest taking a very quick stroll. In any event, I had moved to a position in Morningside Park that I thought offered a decent sightline to the nest and turned around to find that there was a bird in the air over Morningside Drive. But there was also one standing up in the nest.

Cathedral Hawk 1 - 8531

The hawk in the nest promptly jumped out.

Cathedral Hawk 1 - 8532

Cathedral Hawk 1 - 8533

Did a single circle above the street and then was back in the nest in 20 seconds.

The first hawk seen was still in the area. After circling behind trees and behind the cathedral apse it came back out in view.

Cathedral Hawk 2 - 8557

Take a really close look and you can see that although the belly band on both hawks looks similar, this bird is missing some wing feathers, either due to damage or because molting has already started.

Cathedral Hawk 2 - 8558

A big circle out over Morningside Park, and then this hawk was off to the southeast toward Central Park.

Posted 4/08/2015 09:40:00 PM by Robert

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