4/4, Sheep Meadow

The nests above 110th St. having all been visited in the past month, on Saturday I decided to try southward. I was rewarded with a good look at one of the adults who nest on the edge of Central Park's Sheep Meadow.

First sight of the hawk was high up a tree south of the nest, but a few moments later it flew over to the nest.

Sheep Meadow Hawk Nest - 8378

It stayed for less than a minute, and there was no switch-off on egg-tending. Pix did show, however, that the other hawk was down in the nest.

The hawk, presumably the male, took off to the east towards the Mall. Following along, I found it ripping into a meal.

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8403

Something with fur.

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8406

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8409

Which proved to be a rat, but apparently just half of one, or a small one.

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8420

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8419

Dinner lasted less than 15 minutes.

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8424

A large fraction of the meal when down in one messy gulp. Then it was time to clean the schmaltz off the beak.

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8458

And look around for a couple minutes.

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8471

Sheep Meadow Hawk - 8474

Fly back to check on the nest for a moment or two, and then the male was off and away.

As the sun got lower in the sky, the head of the Sheep Meadow female could just be seen poking up from the nest.

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