May 16, 2015

5/16, J. Hood Wright Park

Checking on uptown red-tailed hawk nests late Saturday, I caught the 7:00 feeding at the J. Hood Wright Park nest and was able to count the nestlings.

The mama perched in the nest when I first arrived, just watching things.

Hawk Mama - 0944

But not long later she maneuvered around the nest to begin a feeding.

7:00 Feeding - 0980

Taking photos from just across the street, I could make out white fuzziness moving around but not quite clearing the edge of the nest.

7:00 Feeding - 0983

Moving to a spot further up the street where the viewing angle was flatter, it became apparent that there were at least two baby hawks up there.

7:00 Feeding - 1047

And after looking through photos I was able to see that there was a third to the left.

7:00 Feeding - 1059

After 20 minutes, the feeding was over and mama prepared to take out the trash. Saturday dinner had been pigeon.

Taking out the Trash - 1155

She flew west, presumably to dump the remains along the highway.

Taking out the Trash - 1161

Then returned about 10 minutes later and perched on the fire escape railing.

Hawk Mama - 1185

She eyed the sleeping baby hawks for a few minutes.

Hawk Mama - 1193

And then as rain began to fall, she hopped down into the nest to keep them dry.

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