May 17, 2015

Manhattan 2015 Nest Checklist Update 1

7:00 Feeding - 0983

It's mid-May, so it's time to catch up on how the various red-tailed hawk nests in Manhattan have done so far this spring. Following is a table of the twelve known nests that were all brooding eggs as of mid-April. So far, it looks like eight have hatches (with at least 17 babies reported), two seem to have failed, and the status of two is unknown. The hawks at one of the failures may be giving it a second try.

Background about the twelve nests can be read here.

  Location Hatched? Babies Notes
1. East Village/Ageloff Towers Yes 3 First hatch about May 1.
2. NYU/Washington Square Yes 2 Both eggs hatched by April 27.
3. Central Park Sheep Meadow Yes 3 First hatch before May 9.
4. Fifth Ave. at 74th St. Yes 3 First hatch about April 26.
5. CPW/Beresford Apts. No Failed?
6. West End Ave./80s Yes? ??? Possible feeding observed May 16.
7. St. John the Divine No First try failed? A second clutch may have been laid about May 10.
8. CCNY Shepard Hall ???  
9. Wright Park/Ft. Washington Ave. Yes 3 First hatch probably early May.
10. Gorman Park/Fairview Ave. Yes 3 Hatch date unknown. Probably April 22-24.
11. Highbridge Park/Swindler Cove Yes? ??? Possible feeding observed May 10.
12. Inwood Hill Park ???  

In addition to the above nesting sites, there may be others in Manhattan this year. Most credibly, hawks were reported in early May to be collecting sticks on a fire escape on Third Ave. in Spanish Harlem.

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