May 31, 2015

5/31, J. Hood Wright Park

I checked on the Washington Heights red-tailed hawk nest Sunday afternoon just as the rain started to come down. One baby hawk was up and looking around, but another who was lying down in the corner was looking back.

JHW Hawk Nestlings - 1862

Now, were there two or three up there. It turned out that the baby hawk was lying down was in a pile with the third sibling. A few minutes later all three were standing up, with sibling three flapping.

JHW Hawk Nestlings - 1891

Check the other side to see if the view there is any better.

JHW Hawk Nestlings - 1905

Just a bit, but the rain is getting worse.

JHW Hawk Nestlings - 1906

And time to vacate.

From the look of them, with wing and tail feathers looking half grown-in and heads still grayish-white, the three J. Hood Wright baby hawks appear to have another two weeks before the first is ready to fledge from the nest.

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